All-Gender Restrooms Working Group

All-Gender Restrooms

All-gender restrooms located on the MIT Cambridge campus can be found using the digital restroom directory created by the Office of Campus Planning/ Facilities Information Systems (FIS) or by downloading pdfs of restroom locations (all-gender, as well as men’s and women’s) linked from the restroom directory. If you have any questions about restrooms, please email

Restroom Gender Designation Change

Please see below for the steps to propose a change in restroom designation from single gender to all-gender.

Single-stall Restroom

Massachusetts and Cambridge building codes allow for single-stall/fixture/user restrooms to be designated all-gender. MIT community members may request that the signage for a single-stall restroom be changed to all-gender by completing a signage requestPlease note that the facilities contact for a department, lab, and/or center may be contacted for approval, and due to ongoing supply chain complications related to the COVID19 pandemic, the final signage installation may take 8-10 weeks to complete once approved.

Multi-stall Restroom

In the state of Massachusetts, multi-stall/fixture/user restrooms require a “variance”, an approved variation from the state building code, in order to be designated all-gender. As a result, all requests for multi-stall restroom gender designation changes require a Committee for Renovation & Space Planning (CRSP) space change request. CRSP space requests should be completed by a DLC director or their designee and are necessary in order to pursue the required code variance. Several items need to be considered before pursuing a variance, including but not limited to: code required “potty parity” between men’s and women’s restrooms; the degree of retrofit or renovation required by code or capital renewal needs; and, any adjacent or related building or DLC program renovation needs. If you would like to consult with someone prior to submitting your request, you may reach out to Morgan Pinney in the Office of Campus Planning.

Incidents of Potential Vandalism

If you believe that an all-gender restroom has been vandalized, please complete an incident report form with the Institute Discrimination and Harassment Response Office (IDHR).

All Gender Restroom (4-204)