Community Dialogues

Creating connections in a collective space 

The ICEO Community Dialogues are a series of forums where MIT community members explore topics of belonging and inclusion. By inspiring meaningful conversations, these dialogues are a place to practice listening skills and build capacity to learn from diverse perspectives.

The dialogues foster a welcoming environment where people are encouraged to engage with one another from places of honesty, generosity, and respect. Community Dialogues do not require any preparation or special knowledge to participate. The only expectations are to be present with these intentions in mind:

  • Listen to understand 
  • Examine assumptions 
  • Seek connection   
  • Express curiosity 
  • Celebrate differences 

Each dialogue is facilitated by ICEO Community Learning staff and cohort members of the ICEO Facilitation Training Program. Dialogues include small/large discussion activities and are open to all members of the MIT community. 

During the fall and spring semesters, Community Dialogues are hosted on a monthly basis. To stay updated on future dialogues, please sign up for the ICEO newsletter or check out the ICEO Events page for more information.

Upcoming Community Dialogues
A Closer Look at Community Agreements & Guidelines 
November 14, 2023
12-1 pm ET
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Holding Space for Differences 
December 6, 2023
12-1 PM ET
Bush Room (10-105)
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For more information about Community Dialogues, please contact Molly McInerney.