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Every month, the ICEO shares news, resources, and one person’s distinct perspective on or experience with diversity, equity, and inclusion at MIT. Browse last year’s entries below, and keep scrolling to add your name to our mailing list.


May: What are we here for?
April: Less Shouting, More Talking: The Power of Dialogue
March: Greetings from Karl Reid
February: Welcoming MIT’s new Vice President for Equity and Inclusion
January: Learning Intentions for the New Year


December: MIT MLK Community Quilt
November: Serious Search
October: Being the change
September: Welcome back and the year ahead
July: Introducing the Interim ICEO
June: The honor of a lifetime
May: Free expression and community, new adventures for John Dozier
April: Halfway there – the Strategic Plan’s Foundation Year
March: MLK Scholars in their own words
February: Angela Davis at the MLK Celebration, upholding the flame, and a family of programming.
January: Reports, confessions on race and romance, radical collaboration and more.


December: MindHandHeart Innovation Fund winners, Fall 2022
November: Affirmative action, flipping failure, and community events!
October: Videography in the hands of the people
September: The Strategic Action Plan: Committing to a culture of belonging
July: Getting Involved in Employee Resource Groups
June: Taking Pride in MIT Medical
April: MIT Climate Grand Challenges
March: Remembering Millie
February: The 2022 MLK Leadership Awards
January: Martin Luther King Visiting Professors & Scholars


December: Happy Holidays from the ICEO
November: MIT’s Veterans
October: Indigenous Peoples’ Day 2021
September: Starting Over
July: MOSTEC turns 10!
June: What is Pride Month?
May: Asian Pacific American Heritage Month
April: A Message from the Asian Pacific American ERG
March: Random Acts of Kindness for MIT RAK Week!
February: The MIT Black History Project
January: A year of healing