African, Black, American, Caribbean (ABAC) ERG


Co-leads: Virginia Johnson (VPF), Rianna Allen-Charles (Sloan), Tseganesh Gudeta (ChemE)

Our Mission:

ABAC strives to promote an environment that fosters and promotes productivity and creativity of all its employees. Our goal is to increase awareness of cultural differences within our own community and the MIT community at large. We seek to create a welcoming environment to help employees feel supported, and have a “home base” to help foster trust and inclusiveness on the MIT campus.

We strive to promote individual and collective growth through various resources and networking opportunities, focusing on areas such as recruitment, retention and development opportunities. Additionally, we work to strengthen the values of MIT by being inclusive and open to differences so that everyone feels valued and welcomed.

This group is open to all members of the MIT community.

ABAC leadership posing, smilng


Superwoman Doesn’t Exist: The Myth of the Strong Black Woman

Join the African, Black, American, Caribbean Employee Resource Group in conversation with Marita Golden, author of “The Strong Black Woman: How a Myth Endangers the Physical and Mental Health of Black Women

MIT Moment of Silence for George Floyd and Black Lives

The community comes together to honor the memory of George Floyd on the anniversary of his murder, May 26 2021.

Upcoming Events from ABAC