There are many opportunities for MIT community members to receive funding for their projects, initiatives, and events that focus on equity and belonging. Below are some of the programs that provide financial support.

Funds and Grants

The Baker FoundationStudentsEmail
BAMIT Community Advancement Program and Fund (BCAP)StudentsEmail
Cheney Room FundMIT CommunityContact Form
Community Service FundMIT CommunityEmail
Committee on Race and Diversity (CRD) GrantsMIT CommunityEmail
COOP Public Service GrantsStudentsContact Form
Council for the Arts at MITMIT CommunityEmail
Graduate Student Life GrantsStudentsEmail
Innovation FundMIT CommunityEmail
LBGTQ+ Programs FundingStudentsContact Form
LBGTQ+ Professional Development FundStudentsContact Form
Priscilla King Gray Center FundingStudentsContact Form
UA Financial Board GrantsStudentsEmail
Women of Color Professional Development FundStudentsContact Form