ICEO Grants

Twice a year, the ICEO offers funding for events and programs that support the entire community across any or all of these themes:

  • Promoting a sense of belonging
  • Enabling achievement
  • Expanding our campus composition

These three pillars support the goals of the Strategic Action Plan and adhere to MIT Values.

Awards of up to $2,500 are available to any MIT community member.


  • Projects and events must abide by all MIT guidelines regarding the use of funds.
  • Grants may be used to supplement other funding for a large-scale event or project.
  • Funds cannot be disbursed in the form of cash or a personal check.
  • Awarded funds can only be transferred to a valid cost object in the MIT accounting system. 
  • Only one grant proposal per applicant per academic year will be funded.
  • Post-event summaries must be provided in order to be eligible for future funding support.

Examples of approved activities and uses of funds

  • Invited guest speakers who support inclusion and belonging
  • Cultural celebrations
  • Panel discussions or community conversations that are in keeping with our values and raise awareness about inclusion and belonging
  • Speaker fees, AV services, food, and other program-related costs


  • Individual travel or immersive group trips
  • Activities that are not aligned with achievement, belonging, and composition
  • Thesis projects
  • Activities that are primarily social in nature without strong alignment with achievement, belonging, or composition
  • Gift cards

Application Process

There are two grant cycles each academic year:

  • Cycle 1: Application opens October 15 at 12:00am, and closes November 1 at 11:59pm.
  • Cycle 2: Application opens February 15 at 12:00am, and closes March 1 at 11:59pm

Proposals must be completed by an MIT student, staff, postdoc, or faculty member. The grant review committee will evaluate applications and notify applicants in mid-November and mid-March.

Complete grant application

A PDF copy of the grant application is available to help you prepare to submit.


Other funds and grants

People sitting at a table, smiling, at ERG event

Ad-hoc funding through ICEO

Funding of amounts under $500 may be available upon request for your project or event. Reach out to the team at with a description of your program or event and the amount requested.

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