Community Learning


The ICEO Community Learning Initiative supports MIT’s ongoing journey as a diverse and thriving collection of individuals. We come from all 50 US states and every country in the world, and we represent a broad range of faiths, races, ethnicities, ages, political views, and socioeconomic backgrounds. MIT’s sense of community is defined by how we treat each other and by the culture and climate that result from our interactions—but opportunities for us to learn about and from each other at MIT are not exactly “optimized” for success.  

The Community Learning Initiative is a new, multi-part effort to help community members navigate and take advantage of MIT’s learning enrichment options:

1. Consultation

Lost among the options or can’t find what you need? Request a consultation with ICEO staff to get help with workshop design and delivery for groups of all sizes, crafting learning outcomes that strike a balance between attainable and aspirational, tailoring content for your audience, as well as receive guidance on how to make the most out of learning experiences. Just fill out this form and an ICEO staff member will contact you within two business days.   

2. Current and developing resources

You can explore a range of learning opportunities offered through our training partners in HR, IDHR, and LBGTQ+ Services. ICEO staff and DLC partners like the MIT Libraries are also developing self-guided, on-demand tools and resources for our community that will inform us on evidence-based research and support the adoption of emerging practices that can be used in labs, classrooms, offices, workshops, and beyond. Get started by checking out the Research for Community, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion library research guide here.  

3. Programs

Learn with others by participating in workshops and trainings that help deepen knowledge and refine skills, or open yourself up to new ideas by attending events that help you think critically about community and belonging and your contributions to the MIT community. You can find the details about all upcoming workshops, training, conversations, and more by viewing the ICEO events webpage, subscribing to the ICEO newsletter, or visiting the MIT Events Calendar.

By offering multiple pathways to engage with new concepts and perspectives and by creating educational opportunities that allow us to connect and reflect, the initiative seeks to foster a cross-campus community of learners and demonstrate our commitment to MIT’s Strategic Action Plan for Belonging, Achievement, and Composition.

For more information about the Community Learning Initiative, please contact Molly McInerney, Assistant Director for Community Learning at

MIT campus